Health begins with our environment.

Did you know Riley's Organics is the first pet food/treat company to use 100% recyclable, resealable pet food packaging?*

We adopted the How2Recycle label in 2017, joining a coalition of forward-thinking companies in a mission to change the way we treat waste. The How2Recycle label on the back of our cartons and resealable treat pouches tells you exactly what to do when you're out of treats: drop your cartons in any recycling bin, or drop off your pouches at a local retail store, like Target or Whole Foods, where flexible plastics are recycled. 


How to read the label

It's important that you follow the directions laid out in our How2Recycle labels. The top bar, reading "Recycle if Clean & Dry," applies only to our resealable pouches, which cannot be recycled if they are wet or contain other residue. Simply shake out remaining treat crumbs and you're good to go!

The recycling logo itself tells you where you can recycle the packaging. For cartons, feel free to drop off at any recycling receptacle, including your bin at home. For pouches, visit a local retail store equipped for recycling plastic shopping bags and other flexible packaging items. Most local recycling programs don't service flexible plastics because they become tangled in their recycling equipment- retail stores, which produce lots of flexible plastic waste, typically offer special recycling services equipped to handle items like our pouches. Before you head home with your new Riley's treats, search your store for a plastic bag recycling bin or ask an employee if they recycle plastic bags!

Why it matters

Since 1950, we've produced about 9.2 billion tons of plastic, and thrown 6.3 out of 6.9 billion tons of plastic waste into garbage cans. That means only about 9% of plastic waste is recycled, according to a 2017 study. As for the plastic that ends up in landfills or the ocean, it may take upwards of 450 years- if ever- for it to completely biodegrade.

While the disposable silverware at your favorite restaurant chain never seems to run out, our planet's resources are limited. We are responsible as corporate citizens, pet parents, and people, to make sure we're only taking our share of what the earth has to offer and protecting what remains. We're doing our part by using 100% recyclable packaging and organic farming methods to give you and your dog the most sustainable, delicious treats possible. 

Please refer to the How2Recycle label before disposing of your Riley's treat packaging. Visit their website for more information.


*Recently, our supplier has run out of recyclable packaging for our pouches, so you may find a few of our pouches in non-recyclable plastic. We are working hard each day to return to 100% recyclable packaging, and hope materials will be available soon.