Each Riley's treat delivers on the promise of unconditional love.

Our dogs love us unconditionally, and that's why Riley's doesn't compromise in making treats that are both healthy and delicious. To us, dogs are family, and that's why we don't feed them anything we wouldn't eat ourselves. We believe dogs deserve the same quality foods that we do, like treats Made in the USA with USDA Certified Organic ingredients. We believe that every Riley's treat is a pathway to a healthier, happier life for you and your dog.

Our commitment to health goes beyond just dog treats. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable because we believe that a healthy life begins with a healthy environment. Just refer to the How2Recycle label on the back of our packaging to see how you can recycle your bag, and help Riley's deliver on our promise to be good corporate citizens, good global citizens, and good human beings.

From Our Founder, Grant Weber:

“I was born and raised in America’s heartland on a second-generation corn and soybean farm. We worked hard to produce healthy food for America’s table, and we always had a healthy respect for the land. We believed that sometimes the right route was not always the easiest route – growing healthy, good tasting, nutritious crops meant going the extra mile. Long days in the fields were made easier by spending time with my constant companion, Riley. We were inseparable. She taught me about the important friendship between a dog and their humans, about trusting, and being loved. I guess you could say, Riley was my inspiration. My commitment to the finest quality ingredients comes from my family, but my passion for producing the finest quality dog treats comes from the many wonderful years with Riley.

              So, Riley, here’s to you and all dogs out here… Our goal is to make a great tasting high quality treat and to foster great dog/people relationships everywhere. At Riley’s we believe in the highest quality ingredients – 100% natural ingredients that are USDA Certified  Organic and Made in the USA. We believe best friends can be the furry ones. We believe everyone should love a dog, and we believe that because dogs make a difference in our lives, we should make a difference in theirs."