More Than "Natural"

Big name pet (and people!) food brands love to hail "all natural" on their packaging, but what does that really mean? With a USDA Organic Certification, you can be certain that you're really getting the safe, high quality ingredients your dog loves: no harmful pesticides or GMOs, and routine re-certification processes that ensure we're delivering on our promise of the highest quality treats.

Organic vs Natural

You can TRUST Organic

Riley's Organic treats have never been recalled, and we never intend to be. When you feed your dog Riley's, you're giving them food that is certifiably good- no mysteries, no hidden ingredients, no problems. In fact, each one of the ingredients in our delicious treat recipes is something you can eat yourself (not that you should- your dog might get jealous). We believe in giving dogs treats that are so good, we would eat them ourselves!