Why should I feed my dog organic?

With all of the uncertainty in the pet food market today, you want to be sure the food you are feeding your pet is safe. Organic certification is one way to feel good about what you are feeding your best friend!

Our suppliers are surprised when they see we are using such high-grade ingredients in dog treats. All of our ingredients are USDA certified organic.

Riley's Organics are so healthy, you can eat them yourself- we have!

Your treat recipes are all vegan. Don't dogs need to eat meat?

We have crafted our USDA certified organic recipes to deliver your dog the healthiest and tastiest treats possible. While it is important to feed your dog nutritious treats, treats should never be the primary source of protein or other nutrients for your dog.

Dogs are omnivores, and can process animal and plant proteins. If you are curious about feeding your dog a vegan diet, you can read more about health effects here.

Are grain-free treats healthier for my dog?

Our treats are wheat, corn, and soy free, but unless your dog has a specific allergy, they won't benefit from a grain-free diet. Go ahead and feed them Riley's- your dog can't wait to crunch down on our certified organic rolled oats!

Where are your treats made?

All of the ingredients in our treats are sourced from the U.S.A., and our treats are baked fresh in Illinois. We produce in the heartland so we can source as many ingredients as possible from nearby farms to reduce our carbon footprint.

Do you send samples?

Depending on product availability, we might be able to send you Riley’s treat samples for your dog or upcoming event. Please contact us to see if samples are available.

Where can I buy Riley's?

Check out our Store Locator!

Do you also make dog food, or do you only make treats?

Riley’s Organics only makes dog treats.