Riley’s Organics to use How2Recycle Label on organic dog treats


CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, JANUARY, 2017 — Riley’s Organics, a producer of USDA Certified Organic dog treats is the first pet food/treat company to have completely recyclable, re-sealable pet food packaging and to announce its adoption of the How2Recycle label.

By joining How2Recycle, Riley’s Organics will be furthering its mission of sustainability. The easy-to-read on package label will help customers identify how to recycle its dog treat packaging.

“We are committed to creating a more healthy and sustainable planet. That is why we use all organic ingredients, and are making the upgrade to recyclable packaging. We are excited to take one step further in reducing our carbon footprint,” said Grant Weber, CEO of Riley’s Organics.


Riley’s Organics dog treats are packaged in a special type of flexible pouch that can be recycled with plastic bags, film, and wrap at Store Drop-Off. Using the How2Recycle Store Drop-Off Label helps educate consumers about this up-and-coming type of recycling service available across the country.

“We are pleased that Riley’s Organics is committed to further sustainable packaging efforts by using the label to inform consumers of recycling options,” said Caroline Cox, Project Associate, Sustainable Packaging Coalition.



Huda Masood

Hi! I’ve come here from How2recycle and SPAC. We are a tiny (4 employee) family owned business making outdoor food, in Bangalore and are currently using hospitality grade aluminium foil to wrap our bars in, instead of metal fused to plastic wrappers. I was under the impression that Metal fused to plastic was not recyclable at ALL. If there is any material that documents this type of recycling, please point me in the right direction! We’re very eager to scale up but also ensure the our end of life options for packaging are fully recyclable/reusable. I look forward to hearing from you guys!
Warm regards,
Huda M

Margaret Leach

Why cant I order 10 oz bags?

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