Whataburger Helped Dog With Cancer Have The Best Celebration of Life

When an Arkansas family received the worst news possible--a cancer diagnosis for their beloved dog Stitch--they turned to social media for help. The prognosis wasn't good, but they wanted to give Stitch the best final days they could. 

They planned to spend as much time with the furry family member as possible, and they decided to throw a party. But they didn't want just any party. There would be party hats and balloons, of course, but they were most concerned with the food. You see, besides his family, there was nothing Stitch loved more than a delicious treat from Whataburger. His favorite was the Whataburger Jr. plain and dry with cheese, and no one ever knew the pup to turn down a side of fries.

With an idea in mind, the family took to Twitter. Maci Hanson called out Whataburger telling them that Stitch was their "#1 four-legged customer." She asked if the burger joint would help her family throw her dog an amazing Whata-themed celebration of life complete with all the cheeseburgers he could eat.

It didn't take long for the tweet to go viral. It seemed the Twitter-verse was determined to help celebrate Stitch, and Whatagburger did not disappoint.

Soon after the posting, Whataburger commented saying, "Send us a DM!!!"

Stitch's dream of a cheeseburger paradise party came true, and everyone he loved was there to celebrate with him. Diagnosed with lymphoma--one of the most common and aggressive canine cancers out there--Stitch's last few days on Earth were spent doing what he loved best--getting pets and eating burgers.

After the party, Stitch's family posted an update saying, "Stitch crossed the rainbow bridge where he's now bouncing around on cheeseburger clouds!"

RIP Stitch. And thanks to Whataburger for making this good boy's celebration of life so special. 

 Featured image via Twitter/Maci Hanson



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