Tiny Puppy Miraculously Survives After Being Snatched By a Hawk and Dropped From the Sky

When you're up on a roof hammering away, the last thing you'd expect to hear is the crying of a tiny animal. But for a team of construction workers in Austin, TX, that's exactly what happened. They were working and making noise, but they were surprised to hear whimpering somewhere nearby. The sound was so close, they thought the animal had to be somewhere on the roof. A quick search of the work area confirmed that wasn't the case, but the sound didn't go away. 

After a few seconds, the men happened to turn their heads and look up. To their surprise, they found the source of the sound flying in circles above their heads. It was the tiniest Chihuahua they had ever seen, and it was clutched in the talons of a circling hawk. 

Feeling helpless, they thought the hawk would soon carry its prey away. The puppy, however, had different plans. Somehow, the writhing little pup managed to squirm its way out of its attacker's claws. It was survival instinct, but the pup then had another serious problem. The men watched in complete horror as the puppy plunged from the sky toward the ground. With nothing to catch his fall, the little Chihuahua landed nearby in a sickening crash.

The men rushed over without much hope, but once again, they were met with a surprise. Not only was the puppy alive, he was also moving around. The miracle survivor was immediately scooped up and rushed to the nearest veterinary hospital. Veterinarians checked him out, and completely stunned, they confirmed the puppy suffered only minor injuries. He had no broken bones or internal injuries. It was hard to believe, but at only a few weeks old, the tiny dog survived the impossible.

After his check up, the puppy was taken to Austin Animal Center. He didn't have a microchip, and no one seemed to be looking for a lost baby Chihuahua, so the shelter prepared the pup for adoption. First off, the baby needed a name. Shelter employees dubbed the adorable survivor "Miracle Puppy" before sending him off to a foster family. 

After such a traumatic experience, his fosters were expecting to take in a shy, scared little dog, but that's not at all what they got. Miracle Puppy proved to have a huge love for life, and he played, snuggled, and seemed overjoyed to be alive and well. After a few days, a name change seemed appropriate. Feeling creative, the foster family's son renamed the puppy "Tony Hawk," and everyone agreed it was the most fitting name possible.

After sharing little Tony Hawk's story on social media, Austin Animal Center was flooded with adoption applications. Everyone fell in love with the dramatic story and adorable little face. The shelter went through the applications to find Tony Hawk the perfect new family, and now he's living the life of a cherished family member.

While little Tony's story of survival is surprising, it isn't uncommon for large birds of prey to swoop down and attack small pets including cats and dogs. Pet owners are encouraged to always supervise small animals when they're outside in the open. Tony Hawk was extremely lucky, but his story could have ended much differently. 

All images via Facebook/Austin Animal Center



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