Riley's Organics Partners with K9 Fit Club!

Riley's Organics is now the preferred training treat of K9 Fit Club, a workout program for "both ends of the leash" that just launched a new location in Saint Peters, MO. 

Our ultimate mission at Riley's is to deliver on the promise of unconditional love through healthy and delicious dog treats; K9 Fit Club delivers on the same promise through workout classes for both dogs and their pet parents. K9 Fit Club aims to promote physical health for dogs and people alike while strengthening emotional bonds and boosting confidence for every pet and parent who walks in a class.

Founded by Tricia Montgomery and developed by a team of veterinarians, dog behaviorists and trainers, fitness trainers, and physicians, K9 Fit Club has earned the attention of top pet companies like Purina- it was a 2016 winner of its first Pet Care Innovation Prize. But where K9 Fit's impact shows more than anywhere else is in it's clients, some of whom have lost upwards of 50 or 100 pounds since starting the workout program. 

In 2016, the CDC reported that 39.8% of adults in the U.S. were obese, and in 2017, the Association for Pet Obesity prevention reported that 56% of dogs were overweight or obese. Obesity is a major risk factor for heart disease, diabetes, and mental illnesses like clinical depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, rates of obesity among pets and pet parents in the U.S. are only rising, but K9 Fit Club presents a unique and fun way to fight them. 


In cleverly-named classes like NamaSitStay, Pupilates, and Bow Wow Bootcamp®, pet parents can choose how they get fit with their dogs. K9 Fit Club pays special attention to the physical and developmental limitations of its clients (fulfilling its promise of fitness for all) and also offers specialty classes like Waggin' Wheel Chair and PTSD, designed to exercise clients while improving their overall quality of life. K9 Fit Club's mission to serve all people and all dogs beyond giving them a great workout is one of many reasons why we're proud to be their preferred training treat.

In addition to its new Saint Peters location, K9 Fit Club offers classes in 18 states and Canada. K9 Fit Club also offers the chance for anyone to become a licensed Master Trainer and offer the program's trademarked workouts at their own location! To learn more about the licensing program, classes, and K9 Fit Club locations, visit their website here.

So follow K9 Fit Club's mantra and "Don't Sit, Get Fit!". Find a location near you today and don't forget to reward your workout buddy with Riley's!


Saint Peters

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