Rescue Dog Cast In Starring Role For Upcoming

With "The Lion King" smashing box office records and bringing back feelings of childhood nostalgia, Disney is full steam ahead with their current bout of classic remakes. The next live action remake on their docket is one for all the dog lovers of the world.

"Lady and the Tramp" first debuted in 1955 and was one of the first movies to draw attention to the plight of street dogs. Now that classic tale of star-crossed puppy love is coming back. This time, the dogs will be real, not animated, and dog people are particularly excited about the cutie set to play the lead role of Tramp. The starring role is going to a two-year old terrier mix named Monte who is no stranger to life on the streets.


Hollywood animal trainers headed to an Arizona animal shelter with one goal: to find a star. There was a secret selection process at HALO Animal Rescue in Phoenix that kept even the shelter's top guns in the dark. Heather Allen, president and CEO of the shelter, told the Las Cruces Sun,

"We knew that they were potentially seeking a dog for Hollywood, but we didn't know why. It was top secret, they were looking for a particular look and we weren't sure for what."

Scouts found exactly what they were looking for when they met Monte. The lovable pup was originally rescued by the Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley and then taken in by HALO Animal Rescue. He was part of a group of 50 dogs that were transported to Phoenix in 2018.


It's hard to tell what life was like for Monte before he was rescued, but the fact he ended up at an animal shelter shows his history can't be too far off from the fictional character he's set to play.

If you need a refresher, "Lady and the Tramp" is a tale of a street dog named Tramp who meets a pedigree pup named Lady. Lady is separated from her family (no spoilers here!) and starts an adorable love affair with the slightly wild Tramp. Her new beau shows her what life is like without a family, and it's not all about eating spaghetti under the moonlight.

Like Tramp, Monte has had to overcome life challenges. But despite his mysterious path, Monte's shelter notes say he's a friendly dog that loves attention. He knows how to sit and walk on a leash, and he's learning even more tricks as he prepares for his new role. He was adopted by an animal trainer, and when he isn't filming, he lives a normal life full of love and couch cuddles. 

Monte will be the on-screen male lead, and his character will be voiced by Justin Theroux. His partner will be a cute Cocker Spaniel voiced by Tessa Thompson.

Animal rescue advocates are especially thrilled about Monte's rise to fame. By featuring a rescue dog in a Hollywood film, they're showing the world that rescues and mixed breeds are just as valuable and wonderful as any dog with a pedigree. They are not broken or untrainable. All they need is for someone to give them a chance. 

"Lady and the Tramp" is set to premiere on November 12 on Disney's new streaming service. 



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