Picture of Shelter Dogs Hugging Ends Up Saving Their Lives

The Beatles had it right when they sang, "I get by with a little help from my friends." It's the friends we have in our most difficult moments that help us come out the other side. 

That's exactly what happened for two dogs who found themselves suddenly alone and afraid in a shelter. Keira and Kala both ended up at a kill shelter in 2015. They were put in the same kennel to await their fate, and that's where their friendship began.

With no families willing to take them home, the two dogs turned to each other for comfort and friendship. They started off as strangers, but it didn't take long for a beautiful friendship to form. They bonded over their shared experience, and soon, it was obvious to shelter staff and volunteers that Keira and Kala were the best of friends.

Their time at the kill shelter was running out, and shelter staff was desperate to find the two loving dogs a home. The pair was scheduled for euthanasia the next day, but staff had one more attempt at saving them. If only the public could see how sweet and gentle the dogs were, maybe someone would fall in love and take them home. 

To get the public's attention, someone snapped a quick picture of the two best friends showing how much they love each other. The shot was an instant winner, showing the dogs hugging behind the shelter bars. It soon went viral, and it caught the attention of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue based out of Atlanta. The rescue group was already too full to take in the two strays, but that didn't mean they couldn't help.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue reached out to their own social media following by sharing the adorable picture and pleading for someone to adopt Keira and Kala. And soon enough, their post worked!

According to Angles Among Us, it took only 2 hours and 6 minutes from the time their picture was shared until their entire lives changed. First, a man volunteered to foster Keira and Kala to get their names off the euthanasia list. He cared for them while the pair patiently waited for a forever family. And three months later, they met Pam Cody and Wendy Newman. 

It was a perfect match! Both Pam and Wendy adopted one of the dogs, and because they are roommates, Keira and Kala got to go home together!

Now several years after their harrowing ordeal, Pam, Keira, Wendy, and Kala are one big, happy family. The dogs never need to worry about spending another day in the shelter, and Wendy and Pam spoil them with all the love they could ever need.

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