Miranda Lambert Saves Lives With Huge Donations to Animal Shelters

Miranda Lambert is a county singing super star, but her talent on stage isn't the only thing she's known for. The famous singer is also a well-known animal lover. For years, she has supported animal rescues and organizations. Her home is filled with her own pack of furry rescues, and in 2009, she founded her own rescue dog organization called MuttNation Foundation. Every year since 2015, MuttNation has donated money to animal shelters across the country. 

This year, Lambert awarded $150,000 in grants to 50 shelters in all 50 states. For many of those shelters, that money is literally saving lives.

Scituate Animal Shelter of Massachusetts (SAS) is using their grant money to eliminate adoption fees for a limited time. They wrote on Facebook,

"Lower fees = more dogs finding homes. We love you, Miranda!"


The grant money came at a time when the shelter was in desperate need. Summer is their slowest time of the year for adoptions, and their kennels were full. And when they run out of room, they're no longer able to accept stray and abandoned dogs.

Thanks to the MuttNation grant, they're able to eliminate their normal adoption fee to encourage more adoptions. With more adoptions, the shelter can go on to help more dogs in need.

SAS is only one of 50 shelters that were carefully vetted and chosen by Lambert's foundation for their annual Mutts Across America campaign. The shelters were chosen based on the "outstanding care they provide and their heart for animals."




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