Miracle Dog Buried Under Hurricane Dorian Rubble Found Alive

After three weeks buried in rubble in the Bahamas, a starving, skinny, and scared dog is finally safe and being well cared for  The dog, appropriately named 'Miracle', is one of many animals suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. Rescuers were shocked when they realized the dog was still alive, and now they're determined to do everything they can for the brave survivor.

Destruction in the Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian was one of the worst natural disasters to ever hit the Bahamas. The storm hit the tropical islands as a category 5 hurricane and destroyed countless homes and buildings. The worst of the storm happened between September 1 and September 2, but even weeks later, the islands have not yet recovered. 


Many parts of the Bahamas, including Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama, were severely damaged and even destroyed. The recovery effort means clearing away rubble and debris and demolishing damaged buildings. And while that work is necessary, animal rescuers are rushing to get to the debris before it's too late for the scared dogs and cats trapped underneath. 

The Rescue Effort

Big Dog Ranch Rescue is the largest no-kill and cage-free dog rescue in the nation. They focus on taking in the dogs that would be at risk of euthanization if left in regular shelters. They also fund emergency rescue efforts whenever needed. They were in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian to help as many animals as they could. 


Big Dog rescuers were sifting through debris from collapsed buildings when a drone equipped with heat detection picked up a tiny patch of heat in the middle of a rubble pile. Not sure what it was, rescuers got to work. They couldn't hear or see anything, but the small heat signature gave them hope. 

A Miracle

After wading through broken glass and crushed appliances, they finally found what the drone detected. Hiding under a broken AC unit, there was a severely emaciated dog. Barely strong enough to hold up his head, the dog was incredibly thin and weak, but he was alive. Another dog, already dead, lay next to him. 

Rescuers didn't waste any time getting the miracle dog out of the rubble. He was too weak to stand, but videos show the dog's tail slowly swish back and forth when greeted by his rescuers. He was taken to a makeshift veterinary clinic that had been set up where the Bahamas Humane Society had once stood and given emergency antibiotics and water. Rescuers watched teary-eyed as the dog struggled to stand and was given the name, 'Miracle."


Shortly after being rescued, Miracle boarded a chartered flight to take him to Florida. Once there, he received emergency care with Big Dog Ranch Rescue. He needs small amounts of food every few hours to retrain his stomach and will most likely need physical therapy to regain strength in his legs. His recovery isn't over, but he's with a team of people who refuse to give up on him. They're hopeful Miracle will make a full recovery. And if they can't find his original family, they'll keep him safe until he can find the perfect adopters. 

Miracle is only one incredible story to come out of the heartbreak that happened in the Bahamas. He was the 138th dog to be rescued by Big Dog Ranch Rescue, and they're not done. Many dogs are staying hidden in the debris because they're afraid of the heavy machinery used for cleanup. And if they're not found soon, they could die of dehydration, hunger, or be crushed. Miracle is proof that it's not too late, and more lives can be saved.




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