K9 Can't Contain His Excitement When Meeting His Hero in Real Life

You know that feeling you get when you get the chance to meet your hero in real life? You're all giggly and giddy and a little dumbfounded about what's happening? Now take that reaction and multiply it by 10, and you get this adorable scene between a working police dog and his favorite role model, McGruff the Crime Dog.

If you don't immediately recall the name McGruff, this crime-fighting pup is a fictional character who taught kids how to stay safe and out of trouble in the 1980s. He even wears a trenchcoat.

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McGruff was quite the celebrity back in the day, and his persona is still used today to teach kids about crime awareness and personal safety. He's garnered thousands of fans over the years, but none are as enthusiastic as the K9 cop he met at a NYC metro station.

Greg Padden was at the station when he saw local cops hosting a meet-and-greet with the public. There was a small crowd of adults and kids gathered around to meet the law enforcement, but what caught Padden's attention was their special guest. Intending to please the kids, the officers had brought along their good buddy McGruff. He was there dressed in his famous trenchcoat doing his job, but none of the kids were as excited to see the giant dog than the K9 cop.

Padden was quick enough to get the adorable encounter on video. It shows the K9 jumping for joy at finally meeting hero. It's safe to say he's the Crime Dog's number one fan.



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