Dog Mayor of California Town Wants

Some people on the outside might say the tiny town of Idyllwild, CA suffers from political corruption--their mayor was handed the job without a vote and he plans on being mayor all his life, after all. Ask anyone who actually lives in the town, however, and you'll find they're perfectly pleased with their political situation. Their Mayor Max II is deeply loved by all, and when you see his face, you'd understand why. Floofy golden hair, adorable brown eyes, and floppy ears, Mayor Max II is a Golden Retriever with a big job to do.

Not only is Mayor Max II one of the only canine political leaders in the country, he's also in the running for being the youngest politician to ever take office. The adorable ball of fluff took his place as mayor at only 11 weeks old after his predecessor and relative, Mayor Max I, passed away during his second term in office. 

The story of how the original Mayor Max came to power starts with a town election where all candidates had fluff and four legs. The unincorporated town is mostly run by the county, but they decided to hold a mayoral election as a fundraiser to raise money for a local animal charity. Max's human mom and Chief of Staff, Phyllis Mueller, campaigned hard for her pup and ended up with the win. Mayor Max I did such a good job, his position turned into a type of monarchy after his death.

Mueller found Max II, a relative of her original Max, and it was clear the little pup had a natural talent for politics. He took over his predecessor's role on a temporary basis, and after proving his worth, the pup was named mayor-for-life in 2014. 

So far, Mayor Max II's reign has been unopposed and successful. His Chief of Staff does most of his interviews for him, but he runs his office on a campaign of "world peace and kindness toward others." He might not have any actual political power when it comes to town issues, but the lovable Golden is far from idle. He takes his job as mayor seriously and spends every day mingling with his adoring fans and townspeople. He attends community events and advocates for important causes, and it's clear he thoroughly enjoys his job. 

It's a lot of work for a single pup, but Idyllwild was happy to welcome two deputy mayors into their midst. Deputy Mayors Mitzy and Mikey joined the mayoral team and act as four-legged security for their jovial leader. They have the occasional off-leash dog to bark at, but mostly their jobs are to look cute and get pets. 

With peace reigning over Mayor Max II's political territory, we think it's only a matter of time until the dog mayor is nominated for even larger political roles. Max II in 2020, anyone? He's got our vote. 

All photos via Facebook/Mayor Max



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