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Dog rescuers in Cincinnati came across a heartbreaking scene when they learned of a two-year-old Bulldog left abandoned in a vacant home. Queen City Bulldog Rescue makes it their mission to save the unwanted, abandoned, abused, and neglected dogs of the city. They've seen the worst of humanity, and this particular rescue ranked as one of the worst cases of neglect they've seen.

It started when Jayde Rogenski made a Facebook post pleading for help for an abandoned dog. Rogenski wrote that she recently learned one of her neighbors had been keeping a dog locked in a basement of an abandoned house. The man who owned the dog had been using her for breeding but decided he no longer wanted her. He was willing to sell her for a decent profit, but he wasn't interested in providing for her basic needs.

Pictures show the young bulldog living in trash and feces in a decrepit unfinished basement. Her paws were caked in her own feces, and there was no ventilation or access to fresh air. It's unclear how long the dog had been trapped in the basement, but illness or infection were only a matter of time. Her owner rarely gave her fresh water, and he fed her by throwing a bag of low-quality dog food on the floor every few days.

After seeing the post with accompanying pictures, rescuers at Queen City Bulldog Rescue jumped into action. Sarah Adams and Randi Ketteler coordinated a rescue, and they entered the abandoned home on Sunday. When they made it to the basement, they were shocked at the dog's living conditions. Adams told Fox19,

"It was just dark, dingy, sad, scary, so definitely something an animal should not live in."

But besides the filth and stench, rescuers also found a sweet, lovable dog. Despite the way she had been treated, the Bulldog seemed to love people and was thrilled to see her rescuers' smiling faces.  She was named Gracie, and her new friends helped her out of her basement prison and into fresh air.

Finally free, Gracie is enjoying life in a foster home. She was cleaned up and will receive proper veterinary care. When she's ready, her rescuers hope to find her the perfect home. One thing is for sure, sadness and fear are in the past for this dog. She's more than ready to start a new life being loved by all. 

Go to the Queen City Bulldog Rescue website to learn about adopting a dog and how to donate.



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