5 Reasons to Choose Organic Dog Treats

With shelves upon shelves of dog treats to choose from, picking the best kind of treats for your pet can get overwhelming. Pet stores are stocked with treats featuring pictures of happy pups boasting bold claims like, “great taste!” and “healthy ingredients!” Behind those colorful logos, there’s a secret about pet treats you need to know. Start by taking a look at the back of the bag. Too many treats have red flag ingredients, including preservatives, fillers, and by-products. Within those individual ingredients, you don’t know what kind of chemicals are baked into each treat. Thankfully, that isn’t true for every brand. If you want to know exactly what you’re feeding your dog, it’s time to choose organic.

What Are Organic Dog Treats?

Organic means there are no chemicals or foreign additives in the treats. All plant ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers, or genetic modification. Animal ingredients come from animals that eat only organic food and are not treated with artificial hormones or antibiotics.

organic dog treats

There is no official legal definition for organic pet food, but organic dog treat brands follow the same regulations the USDA puts forth for human food. If you shop for organic foods for yourself, you know organic dog treats meet the same criteria.

Here are the top reasons why veterinary professionals and canine nutritionists recommend organic dog treats to all pet parents.

  1. Healthier Skin and Shinier Fur

Food allergies are a serious problem for today’s pets. According to Web MD, ten percent of all allergy cases in dogs are food related. Genetics and environment are the two main factors that determine whether or not a dog is susceptible to food allergies, but researchers have been able to compile a list of foods dogs are most likely to be allergic to. Foods that contain artificial flavors and preservatives are near the top of that list.

By switching a dog to an organic diet, you greatly reduce their risk of developing allergy symptoms. For most dogs, those symptoms show up as skin issues. They develop severe dry skin that makes them constantly itchy, and when their skin is suffering, so does their fur. Dogs that are given organic dog treats typically have healthier skin and shinier fur. Not only do they feel better when they’re not constantly scratching an itch they can’t quite reach, they also start looking their very best.

organic dog treats

  1. Better Weight Management

Another health crisis threatening our pets today is obesity. Veterinarians recently reported at least half of pets they see are overweight. While a lack of exercise is part of the problem, diet is the biggest concern. The popular pet food brands you see in the store are full of preservatives and additives that add extra calories pet parents don’t account for. All those extra calories translate into put-on pounds, and dogs end up suffering because of it.

Instead of unneeded calories, organic dog treats are full of essential nutrients. Think of it like a person choosing to eat potato chips versus a fruit or vegetable. Organic dog treats are simply the healthier option when compared with treats made from corn syrup and food dyes. With healthier treats, pups can keep off the pounds and stay fit and active.

organic dog treats

  1. Improved Digestion

If your pup can clear the room with her gas, you need to switch to organic dog treats. The canine body isn’t designed to properly digest all the fillers, chemicals, and preservatives found in a lot of dog treats. As a result, they suffer from tummy troubles like frequent gas, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Organic dog treats help digestion because they’re made from ingredients the body knows exactly what to do with. Excellent sources of grains and protein are easy to break down, and many digestive problems completely disappear once a dog is on the right diet. Dogs that eat organic even produce less waste than those that don’t, and they have regular bathroom schedules to make potty time easier on their people.

organic dog treats

  1. Higher Energy Levels

Without the right fuel, your dog is going to slow down. She might experience an initial “sugar rush” after eating a few corn and gluten-filled treats, but when she crashes, she'll crash hard. The Dog Daily says dogs that act unfocused and hyper are often thought to be ill-mannered and not trained, but their behavior is more likely a result of their diet if they eat food high in sugar and carbs.

A sugar rush isn’t the kind of high energy level you want for your dog. Instead of feeling out of control, you want her to feel invigorated and strong. Organic ingredients are nutrient-dense and fuel your dog in all the right ways. There is no more acting sluggish or dealing with the temperamental side effects of coming down from a sugar rush.

organic dog treats

  1. Stronger Immunity and Longer Lifespan

We can’t make our pets live as long as we do, but there are definitive ways we can help make sure they live as long as possible. Feeding them organic dog treats is one of the best ways to do that. At a healthy weight, your dog is less likely to suffer from weight-related health issues like diabetes and respiratory disease that can shorten her life. With increased energy, she can stay fit long into her senior years. Better yet, nutrient-dense foods support a strong immune system to help her fight off disease.

Not only do dogs live longer with an organic diet, they also live better. Quality of life is the most important thing when considering your dog’s health. Every pet parent wants their dog to enjoy life, and the truth is, dogs are a lot happier when they feel healthy and are well-nourished. Sure, the leftover half of your glazed donut will make your pup momentarily happy, but a good diet is about being happy and healthy every day for as long as she lives.

Organic dog treats nourish the body both internally and externally. They make dogs feel better and help them look their best. It’s a simple step every pet parent can take to ensure their dog is living their best, and healthiest, life possible.



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